Terri and Mr. Muscles

When Reiki and Animal Communication Meet

  I love how animal communication and Reiki seem to blend so seamlessly together. Maybe they do for me because I was introduced to each around the same time- when my beautiful feral cat Raven went missing from our apartment many years ago. (That is a story for another time!) Helping a Friend Last week […]

The King is Gone

I haven’t been very present with my blog or on social media lately. I’ve had a lot to keep me busy- Crazy Maizee the wonderful mini-Aussie pup has graced us with her presence- and her teeth!- and that is keeping everyone running. But also, and more importantly at this moment, I’ve been trying to find a […]


Trick of the Week: Roll Over!

Hi all! This is Reese. She is a very busy pomeranian. I like to say she is a border collie in a pom’s body. To put it lightly, Reese is a dog who needs a job. If she doesn’t have anything constructive to do, she makes up her own work- like chasing the cats over […]

Vinny the Pug No Kill Campaign

  A True Rock Star Vinny was a pug who loved to climb. In fact, he was known as “Vinny the Pug Champion Rock Climber.” One day on a walk with his dad in Arizona he tried unsuccessfully to climb a boulder. The next day he tried again and triumphantly conquered the boulder. The rest, […]

A New Reiki Guide appears

An Angel gets his wings… I remember the day I lost you. I woke up feeling something had changed. There was a shift in energy that I couldn’t put my finger on, but it made me uneasy. It was a while before the realization seeped in. You had gone out last night, but you weren’t […]

Welcome to Shiny Healthy Dogs!

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Shiny Healthy Dogs blog! I’m so glad you could join us! One thing you may notice about me is, I often talk like I’m hanging with a group of friends even when I’m all alone. That is because honestly, I’m never REALLY alone. (Uh-oh- is she nuts? Well, […]