About me

Hello, and welcome to Shiny Healthy Dogs. I’m so happy you could stop by! My name is Terri Demmons. I have been working with animals professionally for over twenty years now (wow!), and as an amateur since I was about three. :0) I graduated college and became a licensed Veterinary Technician, but moved on to Pet Grooming school after about five years- the daily stress of emergencies and saying goodbye to beloved pets became very wearing on my heart. I have owned and operated Pawsibilities, my home-based dog grooming shop, since 2001 and I love what I do! I get to play with everyone’s dog and then send them along home. It’s a blast!

Through the years I have branched out, although grooming has stayed my #1 gig. I am a certified dog trainer, an Animal Reiki Master, as well as an Animal Communicator. (And yes, I do talk to the dogs I groom some times, but no, they don’t give me all the dirt on their owners! LoL!) I am a wife and a mom to¬†two awesome kids, and we share our lives with many dogs, cats, fish, goats, and one terrific pony. I couldn’t ask for more!

My dogs are my four-legged kids and I take their well-being seriously! It is my belief that keeping dogs healthy means keeping them happy- body, mind and soul. This does not mean spoiling them rotten and treating them like babies! It means taking the time to feed their doggie souls with good food, good training, and good fun! What that actually entails can vary depending on the dog you are talking about. That is the aim of this blog- to document a shiny healthy (and happy!) life with my crazy canines, and hopefully share ideas and tips so you can do the same with yours!