Animal Communication

What does your animal friend want you to know? Terri has been communicating telepathically with animals for many years. Connected heart to heart with her pets since she was a small girl, her journey into animal communication began in earnest in 1999 when she lost a beloved cat, Raven. Today she enjoys helping people connect with their animals on a heart level in order to facilitate love and a deeper understanding relationship between them. Email today for more information and to set up a reading with your animal!


Chrissie and Marbls

Terri, thank you so much for connecting with Marbles. You have definitely captured his spirit and big heart – one of my friends described him as “a big spirit in a little body”. We had the most amazing relationship and it is lovely to know that he is watching over me:)

Tasha and Ragnarok

Having not done this before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I knew from the very first sentence that Terri had made a connection with my cat – this could be no one else. She managed to pick up on several very distinctive parts of his personality straight away. She described his viewpoint clearly and gave me some very useful information on how to deal with something that had been concerning me. Terri also managed to do a body scan of the cat and point out something that I wasn’t aware of regarding his health, that I can now look out for and possibly have investigated by a vet. It has been a very exciting and enlightening experience for me. I have had my suspicions confirmed about a few things and also learned some new information. I even received suggestions on how to help with one issue. I would highly recommend Terri as someone who can help you get to know the animals in your life better, help to understand their perspective and even suggest ways to improve the relationship. I will definitely be back for more help and advice whenever the next issue comes up for any of the animals in my life. I am so grateful for all the information I have received. Thank you Terri and Pawsibilities!
Elizabeth and Lily
I have never dealt with an animal communicator before. Half my brain was a little cynical – how does one speak to a species whose language is completely different and who is not in the same room? The other half though accepts that intuition and empathy and something greater than is measurable by conventional science is often at work. Anyway, I felt that it was worth a go because my dog Lily, who is 7 years old, is lovely but I always wish I could understand her even more. My daughter does too and between us we developed three questions to ask Lily via Terri. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the responses we got fitted in with Lily’s personality so well. The answers we received have also been shared with other family members and they completedly matched Lily’s personality. Lily dislikes being picked up and growls if she is. With the response via Terri it has made us really think how we react to Lily and instead act from a different place with more compassion and understanding of how she is and what she wants and needs. It was lovely to consider Lily’s perspective; it made 100% sense to us and I would recommend this service from Terri to anyone who wants to be closer to their animal family members.