Awesome Airedale Makeover

Lots of people ask me what it is like to be a groomer. So, I thought I’d write a blog post to show what part of my day looks like. Here is a pictorial of Moxie the Airedale getting groomed. I hope you enjoy!


Here is Moxie after a couple months of traveling around the country with her folks. She is ready for a clip!
Such a shaggy girl! But still adorable!
The first order of business is doing a rough clip. If I use clippers to shave off all the overgrown coat, it saves a lot of time washing and drying what is left! For Moxie, I clip all the hair on her neck, back and sides, but leave the legs long for now.
Next, I clip the top of her head and ears close, then use thinning shears to remove the shaggy parts of her beard from the top and sides of her nose.
Next I brush out her legs and skirt. Straightening out the long coat will help the dirt to wash out better, and also make it easier to remove dead and shedding hair later.
After a nice bath
And a good shake


It’s off to the blow drying room. I use a professional force dryer that really gets in there to straighten and detangle the coat as it dries, removing a lot of the dead hair at the same time. I love my dryer because it has an adjustable flow rate, which means I can turn it way down while I dry around a dog’s head and face.
One thing I can do to make my doggie clients more comfortable is to adjust my methods to accommodate them. For example, Miss Moxie really dislikes the blow dryer around her head. So instead, I let her relax in her crate with a fan on her to finish her beard and face.
Then it is back to the table where I brush her out completely and do a finish clip. This time I go over her legs with clippers, scissors, and thinning shears to shorten and shape them.
I finish her ears by very carefully trimming around the leather to give her that alert Airedale ear set.
And voila! Moxie is a shiny, healthy example of a beautiful Airedale in a classic pet trim. Okay, Moxie, time to get dirty again! 🙂











So, that is a little of what goes on at Pawsibilities Pet Grooming each day. If you live in the Southern Maine area and need a groomer, give me a ring. I am currently accepting new dogs that are 60lbs or less. (My back isn’t what it used to be! lol) Don’t forget to share this post if you like it, and if you click on the menu at the upper right corner of this page you can subscribe to get updates from Shiny Healthy Dogs! Cheers!



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