Dog Day Road Trip

Two of the three Poms in our house love, love, LOVE to go for car trips! In fact, when I try to leave the house, keys in hand, Sprout the Tiny chases me to the door and grabs my pant leg with her teeth to keep me from going without her! Seriously, it is adorable, and yes, I know, completely inappropriate! We will cover my plan to fix this behavior in a later post, I swear.

Soleil is the only one who would rather be left behind than get in a car. She gets very carsick, I’m assuming because of traumatic plane and truck and van rides she had to go through to get here from the rescue down south. She has made it abundantly clear to me that her idea of being shiny and healthy involves a green yard, a house full of people and animals to love, and nobody forcing her into anything with wheels. No worries, So-So. I’ve got your back!

So, that is the reason we took off last weekend on a doggie road trip with only two poms smiling out the window. The sun was shining, it was finally warm enough for tank tops, and we were going to enjoy it!

My dear hubby, Andy, works delivering produce all around southern maine, so he occasionally finds beautiful new spots to show us. This was the case with Fort William Henry, located next to Pemaquid Beach in the village of New Harbor, Maine! For a nominal fee, (I believe we paid $3 per person), it has all the necessary components for a shiny, healthy dog’s life: Large green spaces, copious amounts of fresh air, a cool fort to climb, and the ocean view is great for the humans to enjoy! A quick Wikipedia check tells us that Fort William Henry was originally built in 1692- the largest in New England at the time. It was destroyed just four years later in the Seige of Pemaquid. These days it serves as a museum complete with a historical carpenter in period clothing and park rangers who are very happy to answer questions about the history of the fort. So, if you are looking for a nice day trip with the pups this summer, head on over to New Harbor where you can have fun and learn a little, too! :0) Cheers!

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