Doggie Field trip: We Visited a Real Life Rainbow Bridge! (sort of)


This weekend it was Mr. Muscles’ turn to go on a doggie field trip! As you can see from his smile, riding in the Kia is one of his favorite things to do! Little did he know, things were about to get even better!

Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery in Portland, Maine, is one of our favorite summertime dog destinations! This cemetery is the largest open space in Portland. It is a wildlife sanctuary for wildlife and birds of all kinds. If you want to learn about it’s interesting history, you can click here. 

When I think of the Rainbow Bridge, that beautiful green place where animals go when they die to await their beloved humans, I imagine it would look just like Evergreen Cemetery. The place is gorgeous and peaceful, and full of animals. I tell you, when I die, this is where I want to be buried.

This is the smaller turtle pond. The little turtle species fight for prime sunning spots on the island in the middle.
Here is the frog pond, always teeming with tadpoles, small frogs, and enormous bullfrogs.
Muscles was more impressed with the smells than the smaller ponds. So many people walk their dogs here, and yet it somehow never feels crowded!
Finally we got to the big turtle pond! This was the spot we’d been telling Muscles about!
We found giant snapper turtles and swarms of baby red-ear slider turtles. They were happy to swim in for a treat of bread.
This giant egret was flying back and forth over the pond the whole time.
And Muscles saw a duck! (That was super exciting! Especially when it took off flying for the pond!)
But the best part, for Muscles, was the grass- it was the perfect length for rolling around like a goof!
So, if you are looking for a peaceful, enjoyable outing with your dog in Maine, you should definitely put Evergreen Cemetery at the top of your list!



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