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Welcome to the inaugural post of the Shiny Healthy Dogs blog! I’m so glad you could join us! One thing you may notice about me is, I often talk like I’m hanging with a group of friends even when I’m all alone. That is because honestly, I’m never REALLY alone. (Uh-oh- is she nuts? Well, that might make for an interesting blog…) but no! It’s because I am usually with any number of animals, who I totally consider friends and family!

I have been considering animals as family since the tender age of three. One of my first important watercolor memories is holding my mom’s hand as I gazed down into a torn brown box of kittens. I remember the wonder that filled my heart as I pointed to my cat- I knew she was mine- the gray one with a pretty tan spot right between her ears. I remember naming her Buffy and playing in the kitchen with her using the string on my plastic toy train. She would become my best friend, a mighty hunter who brought mice, rabbits, and even once a weasel, and left them on the roof outside the window of my second story room. That’s how I knew she loved me best. She didn’t offer macabre room service to anybody else in the house! Also, she would come running from the woods if I stood in the front yard and called to her, making me feel like Sheena, Queen of the Jungle (Eighties movies reference here, kids!) When I went to bed, she was there pushing my bear out of the way for prime cuddling space. When I stomped upstairs in a huff over some fight with my mom, she followed and gave me an outlet for my stress.

That cat knew more about my life than any girlfriend I knew. We had a solid eleven years together before she left for the Rainbow Bridge. I didn’t know what happened for many years. She came home while I was at school one day, weak and disoriented, to die in my mother’s arms. Now, after becoming a vet tech- part of my focus in studying was to try to figure out the mystery of my Buffy’s death- I suspect it may have been antifreeze poisoning, but I’ll never really know. I miss her still.

So, why is this chick going on about a cat in her dog blog, you ask? Well, just to show that the love I have for my own animals and my clients’ animals has a solid foundation in the core of my soul. Yes, originally due to one awesome cat, but built upon and expanded by the dogs and horses and birds that would follow in her pawprints. I’ve suffered losses and experienced great triumphs because of the animals who grace my life, and it is my desire to return the love and trust they’ve shown me by doing my best to make their time here on earth shiny and happy and full of fun. That includes fun dog-friendly day trips, tasty and nutritious treat recipes, a glimpse into my grooming shop with home grooming tips for you, and you can follow along as I delve back into clicker training for the first time in many years! I’d love to have you come along for the ride! Just subscribe to Shiny Healthy Dogs below. We’ll talk again soon, and you can meet the Shiny Happy Crew!


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  1. Buffy was a sweet cat for sure. She also caught a chicken hawk once and battled a rat in our back yard. She won! She was amazing.

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